Facilities Management & Planning

The Facilities Management & Planning (FMP) department has been developed to support the university in its endeavor to meet the goals and ideals as put forth in the CSUMB Vision Statement. FMP is charged with the responsibility for campus physical planning and development, facilities operations and maintenance, campus mail services, the lockshop, and campus shipping and receiving services. Additionally, FMP has the responsibility for providing campus environmental protection, health and safety. Our activities as a department play a critical role in providing the campus community with a functional, appropriate, and safe environment.

Facilities Management & Planning operates in compliance with CSU Executive Order No. 987 - Policy Statement on Energy Conservation, Sustainable Building Practices, and Physical Plant Management for the California State University.

Services Provided by the Departments of
Facilities Management & Planning Include:

Facilities Services & Operations

◊  Maintenance and repair of buildings, infrastructure, landscaping and grounds
◊  Utility and energy management and conservation
◊  Recycling programs
◊  Custodial services
◊  Vehicle services
◊  Key, lock and building access services
◊  Moving / Warehousing services
◊  Mailroom service

Campus Planning & Development

◊  Planning and development of new buildings, infrastructure and major renovation projects
◊  Construction Management
◊  Equipment and furniture purchasing for occupancy of new buildings
◊  Space management and planning
◊  Transportation planning
◊  Tenant improvements to existing buildings
◊  Campus Master Plan development and updates